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Navigating Laser Safety Glasses in Tattoo Removal: A Comprehensive Guide for Professionals

02/22/2024- Middlesex, NJ: In the dynamic field of tattoo removal, where precision meets advanced technology, the use of laser technology has become a cornerstone for practitioners seeking effective and efficient solutions. However, ensuring the safety of both practitioners and clients is of utmost importance. This comprehensive guide explores the critical role of laser safety glasses in tattoo removal procedures and highlights the offerings provided by Phillips Safety.

Tattoo removal practitioners rely heavily on laser systems, exposing them to potential risks. Phillips Safety addresses this concern by offering a premium range of laser safety glasses and goggles, meticulously designed for various applications. Crafted with a commitment to quality, these glasses not only protect eyes and skin but also adhere to the highest safety standards, including the ANSI Z136 Standard for Laser Safety.

Certifications and Standards Compliance

The extensive line of laser safety glasses at Phillips Safety goes beyond just meeting ANSI Z136 standards. Our comprehensive line includes CE-certified laser safety glasses that meet European standards EN166, EN207, and EN208. This ensures that our eyewear provides unparalleled laser safety and exceptional impact resistance, making them suitable for any professional requirement, including tattoo removal procedures.

Choosing the Right Protection

Selecting suitable laser-safety eyewear is a critical decision for tattoo removal professionals. Phillips Safety understands the diverse needs of practitioners dealing with Class 3R, Class 3B, and Class 4 laser systems. The range of laser filters offered caters to these specific requirements, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive protection. Practitioners are encouraged to choose glasses or goggles that not only fit comfortably but also provide all-encompassing protection, blocking or attenuating the precise wavelength range and Optical Density (OD) required for their laser equipment.

Customization for Professional Identity

Beyond standardized options, Phillips Safety caters to the unique needs of laser manufacturers and resellers. The ability to custom manufacture branded laser safety glasses allows practitioners to incorporate logos and specified wavelength requirements directly onto the frames. This not only enhances the professional image but also offers a distinctive, self-branded product in their portfolio.

IPL Laser Safety Glasses 808: Designed for tattoo removal procedures, our IPL laser safety glasses feature a polycarbonate Green lens filter for effective laser protection with a 14% visible light transmission. Meeting ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z136.1 safety standards, these glasses ensure top-notch safety for practitioners. The IPL Laser Safety Glasses 808 model boasts a durable and lightweight wrap-around frame, made of high-quality plastic, with rubberized nose pads and temple bars for added comfort. Available in black and silver, these Phillips Safety laser safety glasses provide a perfect blend of protection and style in the tattoo removal industry.


IPLB Laser Safety Glasses 66: Our IPLB laser safety glasses feature a polycarbonate brown lens filter, ensuring precise laser protection with 11% visible light transmission. Complying with ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z136.1 safety standards, these glasses prioritize practitioner safety. The IPL Laser Safety Glasses 66 boasts a durable and lightweight oversized frame made of high-quality plastic, with adjustable temples and permanent side shields. Available in black and silver, these Phillips Safety laser safety glasses offer style and protection for tattoo removal professionals.


As tattoo removal continues to advance with laser technology, prioritizing safety becomes non-negotiable. Phillips Safety emerges as a reliable ally, providing a comprehensive range of laser safety glasses designed for the unique needs of tattoo removal professionals. From stringent certifications to personalized customization, our commitment to safety and support ensures that practitioners can confidently navigate the intricacies of laser safety, focusing on delivering effective and secure tattoo removal services.

For those seeking more details about Phillips Safety’s offerings, we encourage professionals to explore our website. Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of our laser safety glasses, certifications, customization options, and additional resources. At Phillips Safety, our goal is to not only provide exceptional eyewear but also to serve as a valuable resource for practitioners in the tattoo removal industry.

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