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Another Chinese Company has been Stopped from getting into United States

Recently, the most impressive news is President Donald Trump signed an executive order to stop their nation from using equipment of Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

We are not going to discuss whether its appropriate or should we insist that major wireless companies should keep their own right to choose cheap 5G equipment from China.All we can do is distribute the truth to the public.

Here is an interesting news related to the President Donald Trump’s executive order.A Chinese company called Home of Petrol (Chinese name “Che You Jia”) said they just been told by their American partners, they can’t continue their partnership since their corporation may stopped by the U.S. government.

The business Home of Petrol doing is like Groupon.People can buy cheaper Petrol online and redeem them at the nearby gas station.It sounds awesome! The company gather customers together and ask the petrol companies give a great discount.

CEO of Home of Petrol told us:”We have talk to Chevron,Mobil and lots of local petrol providers, most of them agree to have a try with us. We help them gather more customers using mobile website, it is a great advantage from their competitors which don’t have this kind of service.We have prepare about 10 million dollars to help our partners reward their customers.”

We doing great in China, but their is too many competitors .Original, we set North America as our major Market.Now sadly we have to make a change.”

10 million dollars rewards to the customers! Sounds crazy! What can they gain from this business?A relevant person told us:”They want do exactly the same as they are doing in China.Like DiDi(Chinese Uber),they give out a huge amount of rewards to increase they market share in short time.Then they have the right to set the price or even go for a quick IPO.”

By Roy Marksman

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Ningbo Mingcai Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Wang Yu
City: NingBo
Country: China
Website Url:


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